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4 Tips To Ensure You Are Protected When Shopping Online

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4 Tips To Ensure You Are Protected When Shopping Online

Let’s face it, more and more people are shopping online. Online shopping provides you the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your home. Delivery is fast and you don’t have the hassle of driving to a shopping centre and standing in line.

Shopping online does come with its own risks however. Here are 5 tips to help reduce the risk when shopping online

Trusted Sites:

When shopping online, always insure that you use trusted sites. Do not give information like your ID number when making a purchase online. This information will not be required to buy an item from online retailers. Phishing sites may ask for this info to get access to your personal information and to then use it fraudulently.

Ensure the site has proper encryption:

Ensure that the site you are using has a SSL certificate. This is to ensure that your info is protected when you go online. Encrypted shopping sites will have a URL that starts with https://. Do not shop on a site that is not enctrypted. it is a sure way of getting into trouble with your information being available to criminals


Make a point of checking your bank statement often when you do shop online. By doing this you will see if unauthorised amounts have come off your account. Many folks do have a service that sends a sms when purchases are made. You may however only get a message if the amount is over a certain level. rather be safe than sorry.

Virus Protection:

Ensure that you subscribe to good virus protection software that will protect your PC from viruses as well as when you are online. It will block any potential attacks and keep your information safe. Ensure that your virus protection software is up to date, and that your subscription has been paid. If your subscription has not been paid, you will no longer receive the latest update which will leave your PC and info .

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