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8 Points To Remember When You Are Hijacked

8 Points To Remember When You Are Hijacked

Always be vigilant when pulling out of your driveway or coming home. The statistics show that  68% of all hijackings occur when you are close to your home.
If you think that someone is following you,  it is a good idea to slow down when you reach three houses prior to your home. This will force whoever is following you to pass your vehicle.
If you have a motorised gate, do not pull into your driveway before opening the gate. stop parallel to your gate on the road
If you have to manually open your gate and your child is in the car, remove the key to the ignition as you stop to open the gate. You can use this as a negotiating tool – the criminals want your car and you want your ensure that your can be safely removed from the vehicle.

What to do if you are hijacked

The first and golden rule: Don’t antagonise or irritate the hijackers. Show them you are not a threat. Tell them at all times what you are doing. Inform them that you are not armed.
Use your left arm to undo your seatbelt and put your car in neutral.
Do not turn off your car.

If you are hijacked and you have your children are in the car, climb out of the car slowly. Inform the hijackers calmly that you are taking your children out. (Remember that the oldest child should be seated behind the driver and the younger child to the left). Move to the  door that is directly behind the driver’s door.
Always remain calm. This will ensure that your children remain calm.If the hijackers panic and the vehicle starts moving before  your children are out of the vehicle, you will be thrown into the car due to your firm footing. You will then not be left behind as  the hijackers speed off with your children.

Don’t ever turn your back on the hijackers – this will leave you very vulnerable, as your organs are most exposed from the back.
Avoid direct eye contact with the hijackers.

8 Points to Remember in a Hijacking

  1. Always be alert when you are near gates, driveways or garages. Look out for suspicious people and vehicles when leaving or arriving at your home. Look out for people standing on the road on their phones. They may be spotters informing the hijackers what is going on.
  2. Be on the look-out for suspicious people when stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, or while driving in city traffic, especially in quiet areas or at night.
  3.  always leave a gap between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can drive away quickly if someone suspicious approaches your stationary vehicle.
  4. Make sure that your windows are closed and that your vehicle doors are always locked. keep your valuables in the boot where possible.
  5. Don’t stop if someone indicates that there is something wrong with your vehicle whilst you are driving. Go to the nearest garage or police station where you can ask for assistance.
  6. When your vehicle breaks down, it is advisable to drive to a safe place if you are able to do so.  Use your cellular phone to contact emergency services for assistance.
  7. Beware of people asking for directions, especially in parking and dimly lit areas.
  8. Make sure that you are not followed to and from your home or business. If you believe that you are being followed drive around the block or go to the nearest police station or place where there are many people.  Avoid quiet streets or areas.

Remember if you are hijacked, don’t resist, your life is more valuable than the most expensive car.


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