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Black Dollar Scam – Be Aware

Black Dollar Scam – Be Aware

There is a scam that has been doing the rounds for a few years and it seems to be rearing it’s head again. Known as the “Black Dollar Scam” criminals make copies of R100 or R200 notes on black paper which they cut and put into bundles with elastic bands around it. A white powder is put in between the money.

The bundles are packed into a bag  and unsuspecting business people are approached with the promise of making a lot of money.

How the Scam Works

The criminals take an authentic R100 or R200 note and cover it with a black substance that they can remove by using a chemical to reveal the real money.

They approach people and tell them that they have all this black money that they can clean by using a specific chemical. They proceed to clean the authentic note to reveal the money and show the client the bag with the fake money printed on the black paper.

They tell the person that they need R100 000 to purchase the chemical and ask if they can give them the money to do this. The promise is that once the “money” has been cleaned they will share it making both parties very wealthy. The criminals leave the fake money with the unsuspecting person to go and purchase the chemicals with the money that they have been given.

They never return leaving the fake money behind.

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