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Do Panic Rooms Offer Greater Security?

Do Panic Rooms Offer Greater Security?

There are numerous things you can do in order to make your home less attractive to intruders. The truth is however, that there are times when nothing you do will prevent your house from becoming a target.

It is in moments like these, that it often does not matter whether anyone is at home or not. The criminals are going to take what they want and do not care who is harmed while doing so.

Panic rooms have been around for a number of years. These rooms are developed as a safe retreat within the home in which family members can meet and be safe from intruders until assistance arrives. The idea of a panic room, while relatively new to the average family has actually been common place  for houses of the rich and famous for a long time.

Unlike the film “Panic Room” starring Jodie Foster, the typical home panic room isn’t really developed to hold back intruders for an indefinite quantity of time, however simply to buy time for the family until assistance can get here. Phones are a requirement in these spaces, or at least a cell phone that has a signal and can place outgoing calls is a necessity. Most panic spaces are very basic and not meant to hold a big number of individuals for more than a little amount of time. They are basically safes that are built inside the house that can hold people until it is safe to leave when help arrives.

The average low-tech version of a panic room does not need massive quantities of cash or technical understanding. You are not developing a fortress, merely a safe location within your house where your family can hide in case of an emergency situation.

Plans can be found online online for those who can do the work of constructing a panic room themselves and should be closely followed.

If you integrate a panic space into your home security then it is advisable that you take the time to make sure that it is equipped with basics.

Those essentials would be the followong:

Non-perishable snacks
A mobile phone
A list of emergency numbers

Attempt to escape the home if possible. Make sure whenever possible that cops are called right away as they will do more to hinder or restrict the amount of time intruders are prepared to spend within the walls of your home.

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