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Fire Safety and Kids

Fire Safety and Kids

If you are looking for ways to teach your children about fire safety in the home, it is not always necessary to find the information on the internet or in the local library. When it comes to fire safety covering the basics as a starting point it is often the most effective way to do it.

Children have the tendency to be very curious so it is a good idea to educate them about lighters and matches and the hazards that they cause. Try to make sure that they fully understand the use of these items and that they are not to be looked at as toys. If possible try to keep these things out of their reach.

Also make sure to emphasise that fires are not always caused by children, as a matter of fact adults are more likely to set off a fire than children. For example the kitchen is one of the main spots that house fires begin. Food and other flammable products such as oil left on the stove at a high temperature are one of the many reasons that fires  tend to begin in the kitchen. It is a good idea to keep children away from the kitchen when you are cooking.

Another thing to stress to children when discussing fire safety, is the steps to take if they ever catch on fire or in case of heavy smoke. The main points to remember if you or your clothes catch fire are to drop down to the ground and proceed to roll around until the fire dies out.

Also tell them that in cases where there is  heavy smoke a good  thing to do  is to wrap themselves or siblings in a wet blanket and instruct them to crawl as low as possible to the ground  to keep below the smoke.

Safety education is never ending process; most of the responsibility is placed on the parents. You may be confident that your house is fully child-proof and safe but never assume a house is completely safe; there are always dangers lurking somewhere. Therefore make sure that the gadgets that are installed in your home are effective.

For the sake of their safety remember to keep them up to date on what to do in case of a fire emergency or any other danger constantly. Always remember that your child’s safety lies in your hands so it is also critical that you are aware of the safety information as well.

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