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How To Deal With Cyber Bullying

How To Deal With Cyber Bullying

With technology evolving and becoming the way we interact on a daily basis, cyber bullying had reared it’s ugly head is becoming a huge problem that parents and teachers have to deal with,because most students are using social network sites like Facebook or Twitter as a way to communicate.

The definition of cyber-bullying; the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

This can include taking and distributing images of a sensitine nature and sending it to friends etc.

4. E-mail Threats and Dissemination: E-mail Threats and Dissemination is a cyber bully tactic used to inspire fear in the victim child and then informing other members in the peer group of the alleged threat. The cyber bully sends a threatening e-mail to the target child and then forwards or copy & pastes the threatening message to others of the implied threat.

Five forms of Cyber Bullying to watch out for:

Harassment is when hurtful messages are sent to the intended recipient in a  persistent or pervasive manner. These  messages are sent often and are hurtful and serious.

This is when the sender attempts to trick or pursuade the person being targeted to reveal personal information about themselves and/or their loved ones.

 Cyber bullies impersonate the targeted individual and make unpopular comments on social networking sites and in chat rooms.

Denigration is often used by bulliesto send,post or publish cruel rumours,gossip or untru statements about someone to intentionally damage their reputation or friendships.

Cyber bullying is rife and anyone can become a victim. Ensure that your children feel safe enough to approach you when this happens to them.

Report it to the school so that immediate action can be taken. Where possible your child needs to save the messages or images so that there is proof of what is happening.

Click Here to view a document on Cyber Bullying from the justice department and what you can do about cyber bullying in South Africa.

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