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How To Prevent A Cyber Attack?

How To Prevent A Cyber Attack?

The risk of being infected by ransomware is becoming a reality of life as hackers look to find ways of extorting money from businesses and individuals.

How do you protect yourself or your business from becoming a statistic of having your systems hacked and having to pay money to get access to your data?

The risk of being affected by ransomware can be reduced greatly by ensuring that patches and updates are installed as they are released by the various software firms globally.

The hackers normally try and exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, web browsers and  plug-ins  that have been known about for some time.

“Software providers will have to make patches available to mitigate them. Deploying these patches, or otherwise mitigating the vulnerabilities, is the most effective way of preventing systems being compromised,” the NCSC’s website says.

“However, as well as patching the devices used for web browsing and email, it’s important to patch the systems they are connected to, since some ransomware is known to move around systems, encrypting files as it goes.”

If you believe that your company may be targeted for ransomware make sure that your staff do not install software onto their computers without the authorization from an administrator

​It is a good idea that you filter websites so that staff don’t click on a site that contains a virus.

The effect of a successful ransomware attack can also be reduced by restricting access to parts of the company system to those who need to use them.

If you limit access to data and file systems to only the staff that need to use them you can prevent Ransomware from going viral.

Learn from the mistakes that others have made

When you hear of incidents where companies have been hacked learn from what was done to access the information and take corrective steps to ensure that your networks and systems are protected. Failure to do so can result in a costly exercise.

Know what not to do

Adding firewalls and filters to a platform that is already insecure is basically the same as attaching a padlock to a screen door. Eventually, cyber criminals will locate the vulnerability. Find out  where the major problems are, and then have a professional company fix the issue. This is the only way that you can ensure that your system is going to remain safe.

Focus on the cost of losing your data as opposed to paying for a professional and highly-beneficial assessment. Do all of this now, because tomorrow may be too late.











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