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How To Protect Your Home When You Are Away

How To Protect Your Home When You Are Away

Statistics show that homes left unoccupied are more likely to be broken into and those that are empty for more than a month each year are 43% more likely to suffer a burglary. To help save time and remind people of what they can do.

Burglars will often target homes that look empty, so make your home appear busy and lived in. Ask your neighbours or members of your family to help when you are away. Let them know when you will be leaving to go on holiday and when you expect to be back.

You could also ask them to collect you post, open and close curtains in your home, turn outside lights on at night and put your rubbish bin out on your driveway on days that the collection happens, so that it looks like someone is home

  • Ensure that all windows are closed and secured and make certain doors have strong locks locks.
  • Secure sliding glass doors with a metal bar or wooden dowelstick that youplace placed in the door track.This will prevent the door from being opened if they manage to getpast the lock.
  • Leave curtains slightly parted so your house doesn’t have an empty look.
  • Always put your valuables away.Don’t leave them where they can be seen.
  • Never leave door keys under a doormat or plant pot outside. This should never ever happen.
  • If you have a monitored home alarm , make sure it is working properly and has been properly tested at least 4 weeks before you go away. Get onfirmation from your security company that they have received the signal when you tested the alarm
  •  You can also timer switches to turn lights on and off. They are not costly, an you can get them from stores like Builders Warehouse.
  • If you have a neighbourhood watch in your area, let them know your plans so that they can help keep an eye on your property.
  •  Ensure that your valuable documents are stored in a safe place.

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