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How To Secure Your Gate Motor To Prevent Theft

How To Secure Your Gate Motor To Prevent Theft

With instances of crime rising in general, it comes as no surprise that houses are being targeted for the purpose of stealing  gate motors. The stolen motors are often sold off at a greatly reduced price by criminals and can also be used for spare parts.

Lets be honest, not everyone can afford to just pay a few thousand rand to replace a stolen motor. Here are a few tips that could assist in preventing that your motor is stolen.

  1. A easy way of gaining access for criminals are to bend the rack upwards which allows access into the premises. Weld a piece of flat bar onto the gate rack to prevent thieves from bending the rack upwards.
  2. Fit a anti-theft bracket to your motor and ensure that is is secured by a padlock that has been approved by insurance companies. Discus locks are not recommended
  3. Combine mechanical anti-theft systems, such as traditional anti- theft brackets, with electronic notification systems, for example GSM devices that are able to send an sms notification to users when the device’s inputs are triggered.
  4.  In the case of sliding gate motors, ensure that the motor is securely bolted to the ground and can’t easily be removed.
  5. Link a siren to the motor enclosure. Connect  the siren to the house alarm and place it on the 24-hour zone. Wireless alternatives are also available for this.
  6. If you has a palisade or similar gate where access to the motor is easy through the gate, weld a steel plate to the gate in front of the motor as this will add extra protection and will ensure that it becomes more difficult to tamper with the gate.

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