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Important Tips To Protect Your Business

Important Tips To Protect Your Business

Irrespective of whether you offer a service or sells products to generate an income, as a business there are many factors that you must look at to ensure that your business is safeguarded.

While it is vital that you put proper processes in place to protect sensitive information, ensuring that your physical premises are protected is a must. Make sure that you have the correct safety plans in place as this will play a large role in making sure that your staff feel at ease while they are at work.

The Importance Of Having a Code Of Conduct

Before you employ your first staff member, you should establish a code of conduct. This document should outline what behavior is acceptable or proper within the business premises and what the consequences will be if an employee violates the terms. It is best to outline areas such as protecting company property and keeping sensitive information safe and within company premises.

The Code of Conduct must be communicated to your employees when they are employed and they should signify that they will abide by it. If there are any changes you need to make to the document, go ahead and do so and ensure all your employees will be informed of the changes.

Shredding Of Sensitive Documents

When you dispose of documents that contains info of clients or information relating to your business it is advised that you shred them to avoid that this info gets into the wrong hands.


To enhance your security, it is important that you establish the correct processes within your business relating to documentation and how sales, refund, purchase orders etc. are generated and authorized.

Make sure that proper audits are done annually to confirm that the correct processes are in place and that they are being followed.

Access to Information

It is advisable that access to information is restricted to only those areas that are required for staff to perform their duties. This removes the risk of staff accessing information of a more sensitive nature and prevents fraud etc.

Emergency Plans

You should already have set emergency plans. Instructions should include what to do in case of emergencies such as fire, robberies, theft and flooding. Your safety plan should also have complete contact numbers for the police and emergency services.

An evacuation plan should also be outlined and displayed in a prominent area where your employees can view it and familiarize themselves with it.


Always maintain good lighting on doors and in parking lots and ensure that the perimeter is well lit.

This precaution is simple but it not only keeps your space safe but it also keeps your employees’ safe if any need to extend their hours into the night.

It is important that you constantly review your safety plans across all areas of your business and change what needs to be done.

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