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Internet Safety for Kids

Internet Safety for Kids

Whether we like it or not, as parents the internet and technology will not vanish or become irrelevant. If anything, our kids will become more involved as that is the way the world is moving.

As a result, children do run the risk of giving out personal information, if they are not given proper tutoring on the risks associated with using the internet on a daily basis. As a parent you have the responsibility to ensure that your children are informed of what is good practice, as well as what they must avoid when they are using the internet.


  • Make sure that the password contains letters, numbers and special characters. avoid using your name, surname or date of birth. A good example of a password could be: ExtR3mePl@ne1371*. Keep the password in a safe place in case you forget it.
  • Never give your password to anybody but your parents.


Criminals create fake websites that asks for personal information. This information is stolen. Always ensure that your child checks with you when they come across a site like this.

Social Sites:

  • When your child signs up to a social site like Facebook or Instagram they will be asked to enter personal information. Make sure that their privacy settings are set in such a manner that personal information is kept private. They can also set security settings so that only certain people can see their posts.
  • Do not send personal images or respond to messages from someone you do not know. Always tell parents when something like this happens.

Software that you can use to protect information on your computer;

  • Anti Virus software for example Norton.
  • Anti Spam software.
  • Firewall.
  • Anti Spyware

It is essential that you protect your child’s computer from potential threats. The top software providers generally have an all in one package that will include all the software suggestions listed above to protect the PC.


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