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Personal Security in Hotels

Personal Security in Hotels

When you travel locally or abroad it is always a good idea to only tell the people who need to know about your travel plans. Telling people who you do not know can result in the information to falling into the wrong hands which puts you and your family at risk.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you minimize your risk when you stay in a hotel while travelling.


  • Do not discuss your business or travel plans in public areas where they may be overheard. Discuss your travel plans and movements during your stay with as few people as possible.
  • Selecting a hotel room on the third to fifth floor generally will keep you out of reach of criminal activity from the street but still within reach of most fire truck ladders in case of an emergency.
  • Never meet with stranger or entertain them in your hotel room.
  • Always be alert to locals who are very friendly and offer to take you to a “special” eatery.They may have criminal intentions. Their ruse may be to offer drugged refreshments.
  • Never leave your valuables goods exposed in your hotel room. Most hotels have safes.always ensure that you lock those items away.
  • Familiarize yourself with escape routes in case of fire or other catastrophe.
  •  It is always a good idea to use the door chain or bolt lock whenever you are in your room. If someone has a cloned access card they will still not be able to enter your room.
  • Use the door viewer (peephole) before opening the door to visitors.
  • Do not discuss your room number while standing in the lobby or leave your room key on restaurant or bar tables.
  • Keep your room neat so you will notice disturbed or missing items quickly.

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