Tactical Response Team

Because we are so passionate about preventing crime, as an additional benefit, and at no extra cost to you, Londoloza’s Tactical Response Team actively earmark potential threats to the community and in conjunction with the SAPS conduct raids.

Our TRT team are hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that our local communities can sleep easy. Night and day operations are conducted on a weekly basis with the relevant feedback going to the relevant clients

The Londoloza Tactical Response Team consists of dedicated personnel that are highly trained and experienced; they are able to perform under extreme pressure.

The team will also act as back up and assist our armed response officers in the field where special intervention is required.

Meeting with the CPF and SAPS are attended and feedback given to the stake holders in our areas.

The TRT team specialises in area clean-ups and raids. These planned raids by our TRT unit eliminate illegal squatters/ loiterers. We have a partnership with SAPS in local areas, who work with us on these raids to eliminate crime.

The team completes pilot projects regularly to remove vagrants, squatters, illegal immigrants and criminals out of local community areas, which is highly effective in reducing crime. This assists the community tremendously and gives back to our local areas.