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Tips To Improve Your Safety At Work

safety at work

Tips To Improve Your Safety At Work

Being safe in your work environment is critical to the efficient operation of the business whether you work from home or for a large corporation. Criminals are taking more risks and they are able to blend in much easier in a business environment as the assumption is that someone has called them in to do work. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are safe in your working environment.

• Keep your purse, wallet, keys, or other valuables with you at all times or locked in a drawer
• Check the identity of any strangers/contractors who are in your office. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, inform security or management immediately.
• Don’t stay late if you’ll be alone in the office. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation after hours, or ask a security guard to escort you.
• Report any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, broken windows, and doors that don’t lock properly.
• If you notice signs of potential violence in a fellow employee, report this to the appropriate person. Immediately report any incidents of sexual harassment.
• Know your company’s emergency plan. It is important to know what steps to follow in case of an emergency. If your company does not have such a plan, volunteer to help develop one.
• Have your own flashlight in your bag or on your person in case of an emergency. It is always good to carry a basic first aid kit with you where posiible.
• If you work at home, in addition to making your home safe and secure, you should use suitable means that obstruct the view into your office. There are a number of window treatments available on the market to do this, alternatively install window blinds. You don’t want to advertise your expensive office equipment.
• Mark your equipment with identification numbers, and keep an updated inventory list (with photos, if possible) in a home safe or a bank safe-deposit box. It’s a good idea to keep backups of your work in a secure, separate location as well.
• Follow the same caution with deliveries and pickups that businesses do. Anyone making a delivery to your home office should be properly identified before you open the door. Do not let the person enter your home
• If you own the company, take a hard look at your business—physical layout, employees, hiring practices, operating procedures, and special security risks. Assess the company’s vulnerability to all kinds of crime.

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