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TRT Report 4 August

TRT Report 4 August

Date of Operation:  4 August 2017
Area of Operation: North Riding, Honeydew, Weltevreden Park
Time of operation: 03:00 to 06:00

On the 4th of July our Londoloza TRT Unit conducted a high visibility operation in Honeydew, Weltevreden Park and North Riding.

The greenbelt area just below Sycamore street was patrolled as there has been a lot of activity in the area over the past few weeks.



The entire area was checked and nothing was found.

 The team then received a call to say that there was a problem Northwold ext. 11. On our arrival we assisted residents with the arrest of a suspect that broke into the house. Three other suspects were detained and taken to Honeydew SAPS.



A patrol was done through the Northgate Shopping centre through they early hours of the morning. With all the robberies at centres recently, it is important to show a high level of visibility in the centres we look after to prevent that nothing happens.


safety at work


It is important to test your alarm system every two weeks. This is to ensure that we receive a signal if your alarm activates.

Call the control room on 0861 566 365 and tell them that you are testing your alarm. They will inform you if they receive the signal.
Remember to always test your panic button as well to ensure that the signal is received.

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