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Why Biometrics is a smart choice for retail and other businesses  to consider.

Why Biometrics is a smart choice for retail and other businesses  to consider.

If you employ staff in your business you most likely have a mechanism in place to check when the staff member arrives for work, takes a lunch break, and when they leave. Although there are many ways to check this, one of the most popular ways is still using the “clocking machine”

Each staff member has a card and clocks in when they arrive at work and clock out when they leave in the evening. Lunch times are also controlled by using this method.

Millions of rands are lost annually as a result due to the practice of “buddy punching”

What is “Buddy Punching?”

It is the practice where one employee inappropriately clocks in or out for another employee.  This can be done when one employee is not at work but is clocked in on time by a friend. The culprit then is paid for time that they were not at work. The same method can be used to falsely claim overtime worked.

For many of these businesses to sniff out employees engaging in buddy punching, has become an arduous task. Although there is a number of alternative technologies out there like RFID and barcode scanning, the technology can still be manipulated.

Biometrics removes this risk as the process of verifying someone can be done by fingerprint, retina scan or facial recognition. Although the technology is more expensive than other alternatives it is the safest way to reduce risk. The technology is evolving constantly and being enhanced.

The difficulty is to ascertain if you are losing money due to “Buddy Punching”. When you are sure that this is happening, you can establish your losses and work out an ROI is biometrics are installed.

Ask for a trial period when you are thinking of going the biometrics route. Doing this serves two purposes, you don’t have to commit to a large cash outlay and based on the information you get back you can compare against previous data to see if there is a decrease in hours claimed.

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