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Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents

Workplace Safety – Preventing Accidents

Workplace safety has always been a paramount concern to managers, and owners of businesses,nonetheless, accidents happen. When looking at improving safety at work make an effort to involve staff and get their input.

Encourage Suggestions

Your staff are most familiar with actual workplace conditions and the dangers these present. Most of the time, they are well aware of the risks that they face daily while completing their tasks. Look at the suggestions that are made from a practicality point of view and do not forget to ensure that the proposed changes are in line with health and safety regulations.

Review your safety procedures regularly and ensure that all your staff are aware of special instructions and processes to follow. Since supervisors and managers cannot be expected to be at the right place at the right time all the time, employees must be involved in looking out for possible workplace hazards. Employees must report any deviation from safety procedures and workplace standards.

Safety Watch

Collect and evaluate reports regularly. Think, study, discuss, agree, and implement. Pride in the workplace and increased awareness of safety work habits often will result in a safe environment for all.

Habits and Practices

The commitment of management in reducing risks and implementing safety procedures encourages the whole team to be aware of safety habits. When there is a documented approach to health and safety in place it ensures that new employees are inducted correctly and this is critical in maintaining a good health and safety record.

A number of companies globally, incentivise staff when health and safety records are kept within acceptable norms.

Communication with staff on an ongoing basis regarding targets and accident free man hours is key to keeping the focus

Getting the involvement of everyone in the organization especially whenever workplace safety is concerned generates payback for everyone in the workplace.

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